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Jazz Up Your Engine with a
Clear Rad See Through Radiator Hose

  Clear Rad clear radiator hoses are custom built to meet your custom vehicle and designed to allow visual inspection of the coolant.  In addition to making your engine a one of a kind, these long lasting radiator hoses withstand high temperatures, chemicals, resist cracking and offer maximum flexibility.   

Clear Rad hoses out last factory OEM hoses as long as they are not punctured or cut.  In fact, they will last just as long as the engine does.  And because of the hi-tech material used to manufacture the Clear Rad Hose, this radiator hose has a higher burst rate than OEM hoses, especially at higher temperatures. 

Clear Rad also offers colorant to add to your coolant.   Wow your friends and colleagues with a bright red or blue fluid and give that finishing touch to jazz up your wheels.


Key Benefits of Clear  Radiator Hoses:

clear radiator hose - racing hose  

 Better Cooling
(Dissipates heat faster than OEM Rubber Hoses)
  Outlast factory OEM Hoses  
Easy installation
 Easy cleaning
   Higher Burst Rate
     Custom Hi-Tech Appearance
   Lighter Weight
   Will not deteriorate
   Clear hose allows for visual check of your cooling system.
   Withstands High Temperatures


Applications: Car Customs, 4 x 4's, Low Riders, Street Rods, ATV, Motorcross, PWC, Marine & Farm